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An exciting start: Day 1

The makeover is officially on its way. Today we started with the first group of volunteers. We had almost two hundred in two shifts who helped sketch, wash, dig, and tarp, carry, rake, sand, arrange, and more in preparation for the next wave. April Griffin, Alachua County School Board member, spoke as a whole to … Continue reading

Just around the corner

The big event is less than a week away! We are really excited with the progress our executive board and project captains have made in the past couple of months. With over 1,300 volunteers registered for the makeover we can’t wait to see how the weekend unfolds. Stay tuned for information and coverage coming soon. Continue reading

Meet the team

Our executive board consists of a varied group of people comprising numerous subgroups or teams that work together to accomplish one big goal. Here is a list of our executive board members.  Landscaping Team Richa Vijayvargiya Erin Gallagher Christian Klepper Dream Team Brock Hankins Carly Borden Anna Koehnk Internal Communications Sara Kaner Audreyanna Loguerre Public Relations Kim … Continue reading